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Samos Polymers has been built with flexibility in mind.

Why choose Samos Polymers

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a production capacity >220,000MT per year, 160 employees and over 50 tanks and kettles (reactors) capacity, we can confidently meet your production needs.
Experienced Professionals
Cost Rationality
Targeted Solutions
Improvement and Sharing
Meeting Deadlines
Good Project Management
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Who are we?

Great production is always based on perfect relationships.

We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical, laboratory and warehouse professionals, providing the type of flexibility that ensures production always runs smoothly.
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Let’s work together

Collective intelligence is a mainstay of Samos. As a central component of our organisation, it creates relationships that are demanding, like our activities, while enhancing our employees.

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Samos Polymers
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Samos Ena - Links Road Samos Dio - Kommer Place ST MARYS NSW 2560
Tel: +612 9666 3788

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