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Samos Polymers is the manufacturing arm of Australia’s largest independent Polyurethane Systems House.
Samos Polymers has 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with a production capacity >220,000MT per year. Two production sites are located in Sydney, Samos Ena and Samos Dio, one in Melbourne, Applied Polymers, one in New Zealand, Era New Zealand one in South Africa, Era Africa and one in America, Samos Exi.
Teamed with our production partners in the Europe we have a total production capacity >320,000MT per year, enabling Era Polymers to supply high performance polyurethane products worldwide.
Samos Polymers’ production sites Samos Ena and Samos Dio are split over two sites located in St Marys, to the west of Sydney and have over 30,000m2 of manufacturing and warehousing space.
Samos Ena a site of approximately 15,000m2, specializes in polyurethane prepolymers manufacturing as well as our main warehousing and distribution centre. This facility is the largest of its kind in Australia, and one of the most advanced of its type in the world.
Samos Dio opened in August 2004 and is a large site covering more than 15,000m2. This site adds manufacturing capacity specialising in the manufacture of polyurethane foam systems, coatings and waterproof membranes. Samos Dio has flammable goods rated manufacturing capability as road tanker loading facilities, making it easier to load and transport our bulk goods.

About Samos
About Samos
Samos Polymers
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Samos Ena - Links Road Samos Dio - Kommer Place ST MARYS NSW 2560
Tel: +612 9666 3788

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